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Low & High Presents
Sat, May 18 @ 5:00 pm
21 and up
Low & High Presents: Parkbreezy, TF Marz, Wickers Portal & Knwbody LIVE at The Cabooze Patio!

Saturday, May 18th, 2024: 5-10pm

Parker Williams, also known as parkbreezy, is a talented instrumentalist, producer, and artist who creates soulful and emotive beats. His music is a fusion of various genres, including Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Electronic Music. Parker's style incorporates resampling, syncopated percussion, propulsive bass lines, and affectional melodies. He continues to progress and shape his style, incorporating new knowledge and past inspirations into his musical compositions.

TF Marz:
TF Marz, a luminary and founding member of the Denver-based all:Lo Collective, stands at the intersection of Hip Hop and R&B sensibilities, weaving those sensibilities seamlessly with the lush and deep sounds of bass music. Imbued with the influence of Northwest’s rich bass music culture, TF’s cutting-edge selections and moody productions are like a breath of fresh air for every dance floor he rocks.

Wickers Portal:
Wicker’s Portal is an electronic musician known for his innovative use of modular elements, which allows him to create spontaneous and ever-evolving drums, glitches, and soundscapes. For his live sets he usually incorporates his productions performed with hardware along with his modular configuration making for a dynamic and engaging experience. He has garnered a growing fan base due to his distinct sound and experimental approach. Wicker’s Portal continues to challenge his perception of electronic music and establish himself as an artist to pay attention to in the coming years.”